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Add New Phase

Project Data Table

# ExPhase Name Project Name Rank Actions
1SecuritySample airline project0Edit | Delete
2At the gateSample airline project0Edit | Delete
3BoardingSample airline project0Edit | Delete
4Logging in Sample myGov0Edit | Delete
5Linking sites Sample myGov0Edit | Delete
6Help desk Sample myGov0Edit | Delete
7Using linked sitesSample myGov0Edit | Delete
8Insurance discoverySample - Latitude Insurance Purchase0Edit | Delete
9Reading product detailsSample - Latitude Insurance Purchase0Edit | Delete
10Insurance applicationSample - Latitude Insurance Purchase0Edit | Delete
11Application replySample - Latitude Insurance Purchase0Edit | Delete
12first monthly payment Sample - Latitude Insurance Purchase0Edit | Delete
13CheckinSample airline project0Edit | Delete
14In-FlightSample airline project0Edit | Delete
15Buy ticketsSample website0Edit | Delete
16Create AccountmyGov1Edit | Delete
17LoginmyGov1Edit | Delete
18Use My AMPMy AMP1Edit | Delete
19Change Investment MixMy AMPEdit | Delete
20Update Details OnlineMy AMPEdit | Delete
21ReportsMy AMP2Edit | Delete
22Compare Performance My AMPEdit | Delete
23Forms My AMPEdit | Delete
24Find Lost Super My AMPEdit | Delete
25Non AMP AccountsMy AMPEdit | Delete
26Recent Transactions My AMPEdit | Delete
27Get StatementsMy AMPEdit | Delete
28Update details in BranchMy AMPEdit | Delete
29View NotificationsMy AMPEdit | Delete
30Summary of FinancesMy AMPEdit | Delete
31Edit Personal detailsmyGovEdit | Delete
32Link ServicesmyGovEdit | Delete
33First PhaseTest for New FeaturesEdit | Delete
34Second PhaseTest for New FeaturesEdit | Delete
35Find parkingOfficeworks SampleEdit | Delete
36Go to a servicemyGov2Edit | Delete
37Help DeskmyGovEdit | Delete
38LoginNDIS Provider Portal1Edit | Delete
39Journey wideNDIS Provider Portal2Edit | Delete
40InboxNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
41Registration DetailsNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
42ProfileNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
43New Service BookingNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
44Payment RequestNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
45QuotationsNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
46Outlet ManagementNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
47ReferralsNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
48Payment RunsNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
49View Service BookingNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
50Select Service ProviderNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
51Create Payment RequestNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
52View Payment Request\rNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
53Bulk Payment Request Upload\rNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
54Payment SummaryNDIS Provider PortalEdit | Delete
55Phase OneTesting ProjectEdit | Delete
56Phase TwoTesting ProjectEdit | Delete
57LoginVirgin Mobile App1Edit | Delete
58Check UsageVirgin Mobile AppEdit | Delete
59View BillVirgin Mobile AppEdit | Delete
60Pay BillVirgin Mobile AppEdit | Delete
61Select a courseUniversity of Melbourne1Edit | Delete
62Getting to venueMobile Bet Builder1Edit | Delete
63Choosing event to wagerMobile Bet Builder3Edit | Delete
64Log inMobile Bet Builder4Edit | Delete
65ApplyUniversity of MelbourneEdit | Delete
66Going to counterMobile Bet BuilderEdit | Delete
67Watching eventMobile Bet BuilderEdit | Delete
68Cashing inMobile Bet BuilderEdit | Delete
69Leaving venueMobile Bet BuilderEdit | Delete
70Phase1Alfs First ProjectEdit | Delete
71Phase2Alfs First ProjectEdit | Delete
72Phase100Alfs First ProjectEdit | Delete
73Make a sandwichAlfs First Project5Edit | Delete
74phase4Alfs First ProjectEdit | Delete
75TestPhaseName_alphaAlfs First ProjectEdit | Delete
76Venue environmentalMobile Bet Builder2Edit | Delete
77HomeReEmEdit | Delete
78Tying trenchReEmEdit | Delete
79Styling trenchReEmEdit | Delete
80Japanese hanksReEmEdit | Delete
81Shopping CartReEmEdit | Delete
826VCWDw https://www.genericpharmacydrug.comTest for New FeaturesEdit | Delete
# Project Name Rank Actions