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# Select & Delete Project Phase Level Step # C-Level C-Step C-Outcome Likelihood Impact Outcomes Step Status Action
# Select & Delete Project Phase Level Step # C-Level C-Step C-Outcome Likelihood Impact Outcomes Step Status Action
1Sample airline projectSecurity115,15,40,30,103,2,0,-2,-3No queue,Short queue,Typical queue,Long queue,Very long queue.Queue for start of securityNot Fixed



2Sample airline projectAt the gate2111280,200,-2Board < 15 mins late,Board between 15 and 30 mins lateBoarding timeNot Fixed



3Sample airline projectSecurity1310,90-0.3,0Bag rescan,No bag rescanBag needs rescanningNot Fixed



4Sample airline projectSecurity1280,200,-1No random search,Random searchRandom security searchNot Fixed



5Sample airline projectAt the gate1180,200,-1Board on time,Board < 15 mins lateBoarding timeNot Fixed



6Sample airline projectSecurity1465,30,51,0,-1Very friendly,As expected,Grumpy and rudeSecurity staff greetingNot Fixed



7Sample airline projectAt the gate3121280,200,-2Board between 15 and 30 mins late,Board greater than 30 mins lateAdditional late boardingNot Fixed



8Sample airline projectBoarding1160,30,100.3,0,-.3Friendly and scan on board,Expected on scan on board,Grumpy on scan on boardHaving boarding pass scanned at gate to boardNot Fixed



9Sample - Latitude Insurance PurchaseInsurance discovery1160,20,200,-0.3,0.5Online, In the mail, word of mouthCustomer introduced to insurance productNot Fixed



10Sample - Latitude Insurance PurchaseReading product details1240,20,30,10-3,-0.5,0,1Already has insurance, features seem irrelevant, expected features, relatable featuresIs the content relevant to customers?Not Fixed



11Sample - Latitude Insurance PurchaseInsurance application1310,20,70-2,0,1extremely hard to complete, minimal trouble, easy applicationCompleting an applicationNot Fixed



12Sample - Latitude Insurance PurchaseApplication reply1430,70-4,0.5Denied Application, Confirmed applicationReceiving decision from LatitudeNot Fixed



13Sample - Latitude Insurance Purchasefirst monthly payment1510,20,70-4,-1,0Thinks it is to much, looks at account, doesn't look at accountFirst insurance paymentNot Fixed



14Sample airline projectBoarding1250,20,300.5,0,-1Nicely welcomed,Neutral welcome,Poor welcomeBoarding welcomeNot Fixed



15Sample airline projectCheckin115,90,55,0,-8Upgrade,No change,DowngradeChange of classNot Fixed



16Sample airline projectSecurity1580,200,-0.3Scan once,RescanSelf ScanNot Fixed



17Sample airline projectCheckin1210,80,102,0,-2To flight preferred,No change of flight,To flight not preferredChange of FlightNot Fixed



18Sample airline projectCheckin135,10,70,10,52,1,0,-1-2Given better seat,Assigned preferred seat,Given pre-chosen seat,Change to non-preferred seat, Assigned non-preferred seatSeat AssignmentNot Fixed



19Sample airline projectCheckin145,80,103,0,-2Allowed extra baggage for free,Checked as normal, Excess baggage free of chargeChecked BaggageNot Fixed



20Sample airline projectBoarding1545,50,50.5,0,-1Friendly service,Standard service,Unfriendly serviceGreetingNot Fixed



21Sample airline projectCheckin155,10,60,20,53,1.5,0,-1,-3No queue,Short queue,Typical queue,Long queue,Very long queue.Waiting/QueueNot Fixed



22Sample airline projectIn-Flight1110,25,50,10,53,2,0,-1.5,-3Very good,Good,Normal,Poor,Very poorServiceNot Fixed



23Sample airline projectIn-Flight1215,70,152,0,-2Exceeded expectations,As expected,Below expectationsMeal QualityNot Fixed



24Sample airline projectIn-Flight1320,70,101,0,-2Better seat on board,Expected seat,Poor seat on boardSeatNot Fixed



25Sample airline projectIn-Flight1430,55,151.5,0,-1Friendly & informative,Standard greeting & information,Presence barely feltPilot AnnouncementsNot Fixed



26Sample airline projectIn-Flight1580,200.5,-1Preferred choice available,Preferred choice unavailableMealNot Fixed



27Sample airline projectCheckin2111350,501,-0.5Apology on board,No apology on boardApology on boardNot Fixed



28Sample airline projectCheckin2211330,701,0Got extra services.Did not get extra servicesGet extra servicesNot Fixed



29Sample websiteBuy tickets1120,40,20,200.5,0,-0.5,-3Fast to load,Expected load,Slow to load,Does not loadHome page LoadingNot Fixed



30Sample airline projectBoarding1650,20,300,-2,0.5Hear announcement,Can't hear,Extra friendlyBoarding annoucementFixed



31My AMPUse My AMP1160,30,100,-1,-2Login successfully,Forgot password,Don't know usernameLoginNot Fixed



32My AMPUse My AMP2111280,203,-3Reset password,Can't reset password (x)Forgot passwordNot Fixed



33My AMPUse My AMP2211380,10,100,1,-5Find username,Retrieve username,Can't retrieve username (x)Don't know usernameNot Fixed



34My AMPUse My AMP1250,30,200,-2,-1It's ok,It changed,It's clutteredArrivalNot Fixed



35My AMPReports1160,30,102,-0.5,-3Views reports successfully,views reports with difficulty, cant find reportsGet ReportsNot Fixed



36My AMPChange Investment Mix1110,60,20,102,0,1,-2Changed easily, No Investments, Changed with some difficulty, Not changedUpdate/change Investment MixNot Fixed



37My AMPUse My AMP1365,25,101,0,-1Positive,Neutral,NegativeAdvert/Promotions feedbackNot Fixed



38My AMPUse My AMP1460,20,202,1,0Found with ease, Found with difficulty, No investmentsRetirement SimulatorNot Fixed



39My AMPGet Statements1120,79,10.5,0,-3Go to Statements page,Go through an account,Don't know and can't findDownload a statementNot Fixed



40My AMPGet Statements2111270,2,280,-3,-1Find easily,Doesn't see statements tab,Finds statements tab eventuallyFind statements CTANot Fixed



41My AMPGet Statements312111000Gets statementDownloads statementNot Fixed



42My AMPGet Statements2211170,300.5,-1Get statement,Not sure which account is whichGet statement directlyNot Fixed



43My AMPUpdate Details Online1110,30,50,10-3,0,-1,0Can't find profile,Finds in masthead easily, Finds in masthead with difficulty,Finds via quicklinksUpdate profileNot Fixed



44My AMPUpdate Details Online2111320,70,100,-1,-3Finds address tab,Finds address tab after some time,Doesn't find address tabAddress tabNot Fixed



45My AMPUpdate Details Online221121000Finds easilyAddress tabNot Fixed



46My AMPUpdate Details Online2311435,60,50,-1,-3Finds address tab,Finds address tab after some time,Doesn't find address tabAddress tabNot Fixed



47My AMPUpdate Details Online24111100-1Profile not updatedProfile not updatedNot Fixed



48My AMPNon AMP Accounts1150,30,200,0,0Security and privacy concerns,Not interested,Might use itUse non AMP accountsNot Fixed



49My AMPUpdate details in Branch111002Choose to update in branchUpdate profileNot Fixed



50My AMPView Notifications1120, 50, 300, -1,1Receive email and ignores, Receive email and login to check, Discovers notifications while browsingCheck notificationNot Fixed



51My AMPView Notifications2111280,201,-2Finds easily, Cannot findDiscovers notifications while browsingNot Fixed



52My AMPSummary of Finances1140,10,500,-3,-1Get summary easily,Cannot find link,Gets summary with difficultyFinances summaryNot Fixed



53My AMPSummary of Finances2111150,20,301,-1,0Got report easily,Got report with difficulty,Proceed to statmentsGet reportNot Fixed



54My AMPView Notifications3121110,900.5,-3Perceived, Not perceivedFinds easilyNot Fixed



55My AMPView Notifications2211310,900,-1Perceived, Not perceivedDiscovers notifications while browsingNot Fixed



56My AMPUpdate Details Online3121270,300, -3Notices the SMS verification message, Does not notice SMS code verification messageFinds address tabNot Fixed



57My AMPUpdate Details Online3221180,200, -2Notices the SMS verification message, Does not notice SMS code verification messageFinds address tabNot Fixed



58My AMPSummary of Finances22112100-3task not achievedNo summary gatheredNot Fixed



59My AMPSummary of Finances2311320,30,500,-3,-1Got report easily,Got report with difficulty,Proceed to statementsGet report with difficulty Not Fixed



60My AMPUpdate Details Online4131190,100.5,-1Can update address,Cannot update addressNotices the SMS verification messageNot Fixed



61My AMPCompare Performance 211002TestTestNot Fixed



62My AMPChange Investment Mix311002test againtest againNot Fixed



63My AMPUpdate Details Online51412100-4Has to phone upUpdate details via phoneNot Fixed



64Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase1130,30,401,0,-1First outcome,Second outcome,Third OutcomeThe first eventNot Fixed



65Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase1250,501,-2Another outcome,Second other outcomeThe second eventNot Fixed



66Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase211111005Some level 2 outcomeSome level 2 eventNot Fixed



67Officeworks SampleFind parking1115,60,20,51,0,-0.3,-3Really good spot,Ok spot,bad spot,No spot (x)Find a parking spotNot Fixed



68My AMPSummary of Finances2411122.50,.501,-1first,secondsome new level 2Not Fixed



69My AMPSummary of Finances25111221005blah outcomeblahNot Fixed



70Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase221111001only onea new level 2Not Fixed



71Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase231121001somethingShould be step 1 outcome 2Not Fixed



72Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase241211001stuffShould be step 2, outcome 1Not Fixed



73Test for New FeaturesFirst Phase13121blah outcometestNot Fixed



74myGovLogin1260,30,100,-0.3,-0.3Correct password,Forgotten password,Incorrect passwordEnter passwordNot Fixed



75myGovLogin1390,1,90,-0.3,-3Receive code,Don't receive code,Cannot get code (x)SMS or Email CodeNot Fixed



76myGovLogin1449,1,500,-1,-0.3Code worked,Code did not work,Used message reference by mistakeUse codeNot Fixed



77myGovLogin1595,50,-1Welcome page is ok,Welcome page is unclearSite accessedNot Fixed



78myGovLogin2113299,10,-4Gets code,Still does not get code (x)Try to get code againNot Fixed



79myGovHelp Desk11100-3Need to call help deskCall help deskNot Fixed



80myGovLogin2214290,1,90,-3,-0.2Try again and works,Try again still does not work,Cancel to start overTries again with codeNot Fixed



81myGovLogin3122280,5,15-0.3,-4,-4Cancel to start over,Give up (x),Help deskCode still not workingNot Fixed



82myGovLogin4131199,10,-4Gets working code,Give up (x)Trying againNot Fixed



83myGovLogin3222399,10,-4Gets working code,Gives up (x)Tries againNot Fixed



84myGovLogin2314398,1,10,-.3,-0.3Code worked, Code did not work, Cancelled to start againEntered codeNot Fixed



85NDIS Provider PortalJourney wide1110,20,40,300,-2,-4,-50-3 seconds,3-5 seconds,5-10 seconds,10+ secondsPage LoadNot Fixed



86NDIS Provider PortalLogin1180,5,5,100,-1,-5,-3Successfully verified,Code slow to arrive, Code never arrives (x),Don't have access to phone (x)Second level verificationNot Fixed



87NDIS Provider PortalLogin2112395,50,-1User name and Email submitted,Don't know user nameProvide User Name and EmailNot Fixed



88NDIS Provider PortalLogin3121180,19,10,-1,-5Verification code entered,Verification code slow to arrive,Verification code never arrives (x)Enter email verification codeNot Fixed



89NDIS Provider PortalLogin3221190,100,-5Questions answered,Cannot answer questions (x)Answer security questionsNot Fixed



90NDIS Provider PortalLogin3321160,400,-3Password accepted,Cannot reuse passwordEnter new passwordNot Fixed



91NDIS Provider PortalInbox1130,40,25,50,-1,-2,-3Items relate to me,Items do not relate to me,I can't tell which relate to me,Inbox never loadsOpen InboxNot Fixed



92NDIS Provider PortalInbox1240,600,-1Item is one needed,Item is not correct oneSelect an itemNot Fixed



93NDIS Provider PortalInbox2112240,600,-1Item is one needed,Item is not correct oneSelect second itemNot Fixed



94NDIS Provider PortalJourney wide1280,200,-2User remains logged in,Session times out unexpectedlySession timeoutNot Fixed



95NDIS Provider PortalJourney wide1395,50,-2System operates normally,System error occursFunctional Session ErrorNot Fixed



96NDIS Provider PortalView Service Booking1160,400,-1Select required booking,Can't distinguish between bookingsView List of BookingsNot Fixed



97NDIS Provider PortalView Service Booking1250,40,100,-1,-3Bookings list filtered and find item,Bookings list filtered but can't distinguish items,Can't figure out how to searchSearch for service bookingsNot Fixed



98NDIS Provider PortalView Service Booking211211000Find item requiredView correct itemNot Fixed



99NDIS Provider PortalView Service Booking2212250,501,-1Find right item,Find wrong itemTry to find itemNot Fixed



100NDIS Provider PortalView Service Booking312220,1000,-3Select another item from list,Filter removed and need to do againReturn to listNot Fixed



101NDIS Provider PortalQuotations1120,800,-1Select required quotation,Can't distinguish between quotationsView list of quotationsNot Fixed



102NDIS Provider PortalQuotations211125,951,-1Finds right quotation,Find wrong quotationRandomly choose a quotationNot Fixed



103NDIS Provider PortalQuotations312125,950,-1Finds right quotation,Find wrong quotationTry againNot Fixed



104NDIS Provider PortalQuotations4131210,900,-1Finds right quotation,Find wrong quotationTry again againNot Fixed



105NDIS Provider PortalLogin121000Select NDISSelect My Linked ServicesNot Fixed



106NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking1140,600,0Search by name,Search by reference numberSearch for participantNot Fixed



107NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking2111280,200,-1Participant details found, Participant details not foundReference Number searchNot Fixed



108NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking1350,500,-1Knows participant plan dates,Doesn't know participant plan datesStep 1 Find participant planNot Fixed



109NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking141000Plan selectedStep 2 Select PlanNot Fixed



110NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking1525,45,300,0,-0.5Support coordinated agency managed - Unable to provide service (x),Support details added successfully,Not sure about support detailsStep 3 Support DetailsNot Fixed



111NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking1660,400,-1New booking successfully submitted, New booking not accepted due to errorSubmit bookingNot Fixed



112NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking221350,45,5-1,0,-5Refer to copy of plan,Guess dates,Give up (x)Determine datesNot Fixed



113NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking3121240,600.5,-1Dates correct and plan found,Dates invalidTry with guessed datesNot Fixed



114NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking4131290,10-1,-5Find a copy of the plan,Give up (x)Find valid datesNot Fixed



115NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking231432,60,38-5,-1,-0.5Give up (X),Refer to copy of plan,Ask a colleagueDetermine support detailsNot Fixed



116NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking3222235,50,150,-1,-5Have plan on hand already,Locate plan,Can't find plan (x)Find the planNot Fixed



117NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking2415230,700,-2Error rectified and resubmitted,Error message doesn't help to rectify errorRectify error and try againNot Fixed



118NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking3323270,300,-5Rectify error,Give up (x)Attempt to solve errorsNot Fixed



119NDIS Provider PortalPayment Request1180,200,-1Successful upload, Unsuccessful uploadBulk Payment Request UploadNot Fixed



120NDIS Provider PortalJourney wide1495,50,-2Warning acknowledged and continues, Warning confused as errorWarning messagesNot Fixed



121NDIS Provider PortalNew Service Booking2511170,300,-1Participant details found,Participant details not foundName searchNot Fixed



122NDIS Provider PortalLogin1380,10,8,20,0,-1,-10Finds via bookmark or known URL,Finds via NDIS homepage,Finds with some difficulty,Cannot find (x)Find Login Page or LinkNot Fixed



123NDIS Provider PortalLogin1480,10,8,20,0,-1,-10Finds via bookmark or known URL,Finds via NDIS homepage,Finds with some difficulty,Cannot find (x)Find Login Page or LinkNot Fixed



124NDIS Provider PortalLogin2210395,50,-1User name and Email submitted,Don't know user nameProvide User Name and EmailNot Fixed



125NDIS Provider PortalLogin1570,10,200,-0.5,-0.5Easy input,Forgot username,Forgot passwordInput login detailsNot Fixed



126NDIS Provider PortalLogin1680,10,8,20,0,-1,-10Finds via bookmark or known URL,Finds via NDIS homepage,Finds with some difficulty,Cannot find (x)Find Login Page or LinkNot Fixed



127Testing ProjectPhase One1140,60-4,4shocking, greatSome second stepNot Fixed



128Testing ProjectPhase One1220,802,-2g,bnext stepNot Fixed



129Testing ProjectPhase One2111120,802,-4good,badLevel 2 first stepNot Fixed



130Testing ProjectPhase One1390,5,50,-1,05Finds easily,Finds with difficulty,Does not findFind login pageNot Fixed



131Virgin Mobile AppLogin1190,5,50,-0.3,-1Enter details,Surprised login is different,Does not remember PINEnter mobile and PINNot Fixed



132Alfs First ProjectPhase11110, 25, 35, 301, 0, -1, 0life is sorted, life is a mystery and I'm okay with that, this scares me, I don't careDefine Life's purposeNot Fixed



133Alfs First ProjectPhase21130, 30, 30, 101, -0.2, -0.5, -1filled out fully, filled out partial, filled out with garbage, incompletefill out my ideal job surveyNot Fixed



134Mobile Bet BuilderVenue environmental1110, 5,80,5-0.5, -0.2,0,-0.2No venue wifi, No data signal, App opens successfully, App fails to openOpen appNot Fixed



135Alfs First ProjectPhase1001160,20,200, -0.2, -0.5I know what I like, I don't know what I like, I don't like coffeeorder coffeeNot Fixed



136Alfs First ProjectPhase1002111330, 40, 300, -0.2, -1I got what I wanted, I got something I could tolerate, they don't have anything I likeOrder a different drinkNot Fixed



137Mobile Bet BuilderLog in1110, 10, 10, 70-0.1, -0.1, -0.1,0Login fails, Forgot username, Forgot Password, Login SuccessfulLogin displayedNot Fixed



138Mobile Bet BuilderVenue environmental312131001Incentive added to accountAccept incentiveNot Fixed



139Alfs First ProjectMake a sandwich1130, 30, 30, 101, 0.5, -0.2, 0.5I know what I want and It's all here, I know what I want but I'm missing something, I don't know what I want, someone is making something for mechoose a sandwichNot Fixed



140Alfs First ProjectMake a sandwich2111230, 30, 10, 200, -0.2, 0.5, -1acceptable substitute, I'll do without, I'll try something wacky, I can't find an alternative I likeFind an alternativeNot Fixed



141Alfs First ProjectMake a sandwich1215, 55, 15, 151, 0.5, -1, 0toastmaster, I can do it well enough, busted breville, I hate toastToast the breadNot Fixed



142Alfs First ProjectMake a sandwich1330, 30, 20, 200.5, 0, -0.2, -1I get exactly what I want, I'm not fussy, I'll tolerate my second choice, what? no gluten free?choose the breadNot Fixed



143Mobile Bet BuilderVenue environmental2111485,5,100,-0.5,1Refresh successful, App crashes (x), Refresh successful and Bonus Incentive offeredRequires refreshNot Fixed



144Mobile Bet BuilderVenue environmental2311190, 100,-5Wifi reset successful App opens, Venue reset unsuccessful (X)Venue resets wifiFixed



145Mobile Bet BuilderLog in231111000Login successfulLog in retriedNot Fixed



146University of MelbourneSelect a course1160, 400, -2Finds suitable course, Doesn't find suitable course (x)Look for courseFixed



147University of MelbourneSelect a course1280, 10, 100, -1, 0Course meets expectations, Course doesn't meet expectations, Unsure if course meets expectationsCheck CourseNot Fixed



148University of MelbourneSelect a course2112350, 501, -3Course meets expectations, Course doesn't meet expectationsFurther researchNot Fixed



149University of MelbourneSelect a course1375, 250, -2Best option, Not best option (x)Compare CourseNot Fixed



150University of MelbourneSelect a course2214210, 90-1, -3Applies anyway, abandons (x)Decision PointNot Fixed



151University of MelbourneSelect a course1480, 201, -3Students meets prerequisites, Student doesn't meet prerequisites Check EligibilityNot Fixed



152Mobile Bet BuilderVenue environmental2411295,50.5,-5App opens successfully, Venue Wifi not working (x)Switches to WifiNot Fixed



153ReEmHome1180, 10, 10+1, -1, -1Find correct item, Find no items, Find incorrect itemSearchNot Fixed



154ReEmHome1280, 5, 15+1, -1, 0Find expected category, Find no matching category, Find a reasonable alternative categoryUse menuNot Fixed



155Sample airline projectSecurity2113150,50-1,0Give up item,Did not give up itemMay have to give up itemNot Fixed



156Sample airline projectGuest lounge1190,5,50,-1,2Smiled and friendly,Grumpy and rude,Remember me from last timeBarista greetingNot Fixed



157NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support1134,33,330,-2,-1Find it,Search did not work,Categories did not resonateFind Disability supportNot Fixed



158NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support2111150,500,-1Understood,Not understoodComprehensionNot Fixed



159NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support2211190,100,-1Can scan information, cannot scan informationLook at informationNot Fixed



160NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support2311195,50,-2text size ok, text size not okReading textNot Fixed



161NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support2411270,15,150,0,0Google search, Call Service NSW, Go into Service NSWTry another methodNot Fixed



162NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteWater restrictions1171,290,-1Find it,Do not find itGo to the website to find water restrictions informationNot Fixed



163NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support3124270,0,1,29-2,0,1,-3Long wait unknown,Long wait known, short wait,no answer (x)Call answerNot Fixed



164NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support3224250,30,200,1,-2Normal,Friendly,RudeGreetingNot Fixed



165NSW Department of Customer Service WebsiteDisability support3324260,10,300,2,-4Solved with time,Solved easily,Not solvedCall resolutionNot Fixed



166Line of sightFind and pay an invoice1130,50,201,0,-1Exceeds expectations,Meets expectations,Below expectationsThe user must be able to select from the invoices currently assigned to them to payNot Fixed